We Build Custom Homes in Fort Walton Beach & Navarre!

Woodworth Services Inc. is the premier choice for luxury homes in Fort Walton Beach and Milton, FL. We proudly serve the area’s residents with beautiful custom homes completed by professional craftsmen and contractors. Our team is licensed and skilled in custom home construction. Whether we are completing your new roof or building you an entirely new home, we extend our very best work to each project.

New Roof & Custom Home Builder Fort Walton Beach, FL

Benefits of Building a Custom Home

When looking for a home, building a new one completely from scratch is not a thought that crosses the mind of many buyers. However, if you are in the market to purchase a home, you should at least consider the idea of making one custom, and you may find that it is not as daunting or costly as you think. In fact, building a custom home can sometimes even save you money down the line in repair/renovation bills, as well as in energy costs. For example, many older homes may be outdated, or have problems lying under the surface that do not emerge until months after the purchase has been made. They may also have inefficient appliances that drain electricity or un-insulated areas that drain your cool air, effectively increasing your monthly energy costs. Another great benefit of custom building your home is that it is exactly the way you want. Many buyers will spend a great deal of time looking for a home with all the features, styling, location, and space that they require. When you are building a custom home, you dictate the color, the style, and the spatial aspects of the building down to the letter, meaning that it is one hundred percent yours. If you want to learn about building a custom home in Milton, FL or Fort Walton Beach, FL, give the professionals at Woodworth Services a call! We are fully licensed, insured, and have been in the construction industry for years. Call us today and find out what we can do for you!

Licensed and Experienced Contractors

Our experience with home remodeling and custom homes allows us to do construction for residential, commercial and industrial properties in the Milton & Fort Walton Beach, FL area. We take pride in offering our expertise to all types of companies, properties and buildings.

Our clients are happy to know they’re receiving work from a qualified and licensed company. Whether we are installing a new roof or building a custom home for you, we ensure all of our contractors will exceed your expectations.

Certified Building Contractor ID # CBC1254467         Roofing Contractor ID # CCC1330060         Marine Specialty Contractor ID # SCC131151498

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