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Navarre is a small beach community in the northwest Florida Panhandle located about 25 miles east of Pensacola, FL. And about 55 miles west of Freeport, FL. Navarre is currently home to approximately 42,000 residents and continues to grow. Navarre, FL has become a popular destination for nature enthusiast because of its proximity to Navarre Beach, Gulf Islands National Seashore and 12 miles of pristine shoreline. This small community with its picturesque natural beauty, scenic bike paths and emerald colored water continues to be a hot spot for young professionals looking to settle down and start a family.

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Woodworth Services Inc., is proud to call Navarre, Fl home. If you’re looking to build a beautiful custom home or luxury home, call Woodworth Services Inc. today. We are the custom home builder Navarre residents have learned to trust and depend on. As well as custom home building, the team at Woodworth Services Inc. also specializes in new roof installation and repair. Whether your roof is leaking, or it is simply time to have it replaced, our experienced team will be able to help.

Give us a call today to find out more about our custom home and roofing options, and learn what we can do for you.

Woodworth Services Inc. proudly serves residents of Fort Walton Beach & Navarre, FL! 

New home in Navarre, FL

Benefits of a Custom Home

Building a custom home is not as expensive or daunting of a task as many people think and, it can sometimes even save you money down the line. When you build a new home, you get the peace of mind knowing that everything is new and high quality. Conversely, when you purchase a second-hand home, there may be underlying repairs and replacements that can quickly run up a hefty bill. Older homes are also less energy efficient, suffering from poor insulation and outdated appliances that suck electricity. In a custom-built home, this is not an issue as everything is up to date and modern. Another great benefit is that everything in a custom home is exactly how you want it. You should not have to pay for an older home (a significant investment) for it to not have every feature you want. When you come to Woodworth Services Inc. in Navarre, you get to choose everything from the room count to the paint on the walls. We are fully licensed and insured, and can’t wait to help make your dream home into a reality.

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